News: 2003

Relational Study

National Portrait Gallery Concert Series, London

Review: An Tuireann Centre, Portree, Skye

Illegal Harmony String Trio (Postcards from Beyond the Pale)

West Highland Free Press

Robert Fokkens’ Postcards from Beyond the Pale are five brief musical statements, each characterised by the exploration of one simple idea. These added a welcome touch of humour to the programme.

Sounding Fire

Performances in South Africa and Japan

Sounding Fire

Fresh Concert Series, Purcell Room, London

Review: Park Lane Group New Year Series

Harriet Mackenzie – violin, Chris Glynn – piano (Irreconcilable Truths)

The Guardian 08.01.2003 (Tim Ashley)

The new work for Mackenzie and Glynn, meanwhile, was Irreconcilable Truths by the South African Robert Fokkens, an irresolute duel that alternates flaring violence with timeless limpidity.

The Times - 08.01.2003

(Mackenzie) and Glynn were excellent in the premiere of Irreconcilable Truths by the South African Robert Fokkens, which contrasted violent scurryings with passages of Zen-like calm.

Robert Fokkens’s Irreconcilable Truths made moving emotional capital out of the tonal disparity between violin and piano…

Irreconcilable Truths

Park Lane Group Young Artists Concerts, New Year Series 2003, Purcell Room, London