News: August, 2010

Lite Bite at The Opera Festival

My new mini-opera, Contact, for two singers, flute and harp will be performed a number of times in public spaces at the Riverside Studios and around Hammersmith by Tête à Tête, London’s most innovative and exciting opera company. Part of their annual Opera Festival at the Riverside Studios, the four Lite Bites (written by Dominique le Gendre, Stephen Crowe, Julian Grant and myself) will pop up around Hammersmith at various times during the festival.

Tête à Tête: The Opera Festival at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith

5-22 August 2010

Lite Bite dates

My Lite Bite mini-opera for Tete-a-tete’s Opera Festival at the Riverside Studios is being performed most nights as part of the festival - after workshop performances in the first week, the four short operas are now being put on in the foyer of the Riverside Studios before and between shows in addition to daily performances in Hammersmith’s parks, malls and squares. The festival itself is a wonderful showcase for some of the most interesting and creative approaches to the genre to be found in the UK, and runs Thursday - Friday evenings 5 - 22 August. If you have an interest in opera and around London this month, I strongly recommend popping in for at least one evening just to see what’s on - and you’ll probably bump into my mini-opera Contact too.