News: May, 2006

Portrait Concert: Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton

The Farrington Ensemble, Oliver Coates and Sarah Dacey perform four chamber pieces (Running Out, Four Colonisations, On Disruption and Displacement, and Irreconcilable Truths) in a lunchtime recital as part of the University of Southampton’s LASS Conference 2006 titled Researching in a Multicultural World.

Titled Rupture and reconciliation: A post-colonial subject composes himself, the concert will take place at the Turner Sims Concert Hall at 12:50 on 10 May 2006.

Review: Fresh Young Musicians’ Platform, Purcell Room

Harriet Mackenzie - violin, Timothy Murray - conductor, New Professionals Orchestra (An Eventful Morning)

The Times 05.05.2006 (Richard Morrison)

Fokkens has his own engaging quirkiness, and this short, two-movement work always gripped the ear. Tiny melodic motifs are constantly developed by the soloist, as intriguing orchestral textures rise or fall beneath. The music never settles in metre and style, though some frenetic, Turnage-style big-band riffs and blaring brass refrains of what sound like the Dies Irae theme increasingly dominate. It was all impeccably prepared. I’d like to hear it again.

Violin Concerto

Harriet Mackenzie with Yue Shen and the New Professionals Orchestra conducted by Tim Murray perform An Eventful Morning Near East London, my violin concerto (for violin and chamber orchestra).

Programme also includes works by Bax, Kagel, Macmillan and Schoenfield

Purcell Room, London

 3 May 2006 at 19:45