Review: Park Lane Group New Year Series, Purcell Room

Clariphonics Clarinet Quartet

The Times 09.01.2009 (Hilary Finch)

...Soprano and pianist shared their recital with the feisty clarinet quartet Clariphonics, who set themselves almost every challenge in the book in a programme that ranged from Sadie Harrison’s Scathach (pibroch meets martial arts), to the work that inspired their name, Dai Fujikura’s Clari4onics. Best of all was the world premiere of Glimpses of a half-forgotten future by the South African composer Robert Fokkens: sad, strange and scarcely five minutes’ worth of unquiet fragments that expressed more than anything else they had played

The Guardian 09.01.2009 (George Hall)

...In Glimpses of a Half-Forgotten Future, by the South African Robert Fokkens, quarter-tone chords interrupted the minimalist doodling of the main idea to disturbing effect. Throughout these, and similarly brief pieces by Sadie Harrison, Dai Fujikura, Anna Meredith and Jim Pywell, Clariphonics delivered spirited musicianship...

Musical Pointers 12.01.2009

...Fokkens’s Glimpses of a half-forgotten future began nicely, but innocuously, with a folky little melody passed between three clarinets. It grabbed my attention when this was abruptly shoved against a thick, static, microtonal chord, and held it rapt as the two elements alternated in quiet procession, the microtonal kinks slowly infecting the folky melody.

Classical Source 10.01.2009

...the textural resource of Robert Fokkens’s Glimpses of a half-forgotten future (2008), the sheer rhythmic verve of Anna Meredith’s Four to the Floor (2005) and the emphasis on purely ’ensemble values’ in Jim Pywell’s Three Beginnings (1996) each made a highly effective showcase.