Review: Park Lane Group New Year Series, Purcell Room

juice - Anna Snow, Sarah Dacey and Kerry Andrew

The Times 09.01.2008 (Richard Morrison)

...female vocal trio called juice (trendy lower-case name, naturally) proved as tangy as their moniker.

They have light, folky voices and a delightful manner: big smiles; music memorised so that they communicate directly. But there’s nothing casual about their technical skills. They breezed through the brilliant, Berio-like vocal effects of a piece called luna-cy by one of their members, Kerry Andrew, then deftly sang two exquisite carols by Nicola LeFanu.

Later they displayed their theatre skills in six surreal melodramas from Roger Marsh’s Pierrot Lunaire - with another composer, Robert Fokkens, matching them histrionic for histrionic as a highly-wrought narrator. The latter’s own wittily minimalist Words, James Lindsay’s rap-inspired Sanbiki no Kashikoi Saru, and two well-crafted songs by Piers Hellawell completed the contribution of a group that could have a big future in cabaret...